“My Life with Mr. Good”

The book that is changing lives all over the Globe!

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"This book is alive! There isn’t any other book like that! It will unlock your life full of abundance, harmony, and happiness. It will prove to you that what seems impossible becomes a reality here and now according to your needs."

Izabela Bogusz

"Listening, humility, openness to the unimaginable force bigger than ourselves - these are essential components of a life with MR. GOOD. This book might serve as your beacon lighthouse pointing the way to your dreams. This is a testimony of a holy life - a life attainable to us all now."

Paweł Dempc

"This is one of these books that have been created under a holy inspiration. This book is an Eastern-European version of What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey. This is a unique life story full of inspiration and humility that brings the readers closer to the universal love of a Creator towards his children. This book is not about religion but rather about love, kindness, joy, gratitude and inner peace."

Kamila Augustyńska

"This book is like a gym to your faith - every single story stretches your imagination and faith; it encourages you to establish a personal relationship with Mr. Good and proves that if the ordinary girl can lead a passionate and extraordinary life, anybody can experience that."

Miłosz Nowak

"From the start, this book charms us with its authentic and true voice. It leads us through the path of trust leading to I AM. The starting point is a pure heart of God’s child, experienced and aware...I CRIED SENSING GOD’S TOUCH."

Małgorzata Michalak - Rydzel

"The author of the book takes the readers on an amazing journey through the continents and her own professional career. After a roller coaster of events and experiences, she eventually discovers the “exit door” in the geographical end of the world. With Mr. Good’s help, she devises a unique mathematical formula that will lead the readers to discover the key to the relief, joy and satisfaction."

Beata Sroka-Barette

"My Life with Mr. Good” made an enormous impression on me. The moment I got hold of a book, I read it from cover to cover in no time. Taisja is a living proof that God is alive and all of us destined to live a life full of happiness and fulfillment. My relationship with God got strengthened after reading this book. I do think that this book will continue to bloom in my heart and bring good fruit."

Edyta Zawistowska

My Life with Mr. Good” is a book of:

  • 47 inspiring stories of God’s leading;
  • Life stories that provide an insight and direction on what to do in order to lead a happy and successful life.
  • Authentic stories showing what our life could possibly look like if we opened ourselves to Mr. Good’s leading.
    Terms such as “Mr. Good” and “Life Manual” bring the readers closer to concepts that usually are very abstract such as faith and relationship with God.

Taisja Laudy

A creator of GeniusFormula® - the unique program and methodology that touches the hearts of thousands of people all over the world. The program has been incorporated by both international organisations and private clients.

A founder of TLnC Global which Mission is to bring millions to fulfillment.

Together with her husband, Taisja brings up two beautiful daughters. She travels around the world and calls herself the Citizen of Heaven.

Taisja is in an everyday contact with Mr. Good who continues to give her insights and wisdom that she passes to others in her videos, books, courses and other media appearances.


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